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In the Place but Feeling Out Of Place

Posted on August 23, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Have you ever been somewhere but you feel like something isn’t right? Although you’re sitting in the particular place, you still feel out of place? Well trust me, I understand. One of the worst feelings is to no longer feel comfortable where you once felt was home or where you once felt you belonged.


There are different phases that we go through in this journey we call life. Some become comfortable and complacent and others are willing to yield to the stretch that they feel because their constantly striving for better and greater. I believe God takes us through phases and with these phases comes discomfort, pain and at times fear of the unknown. During this time is where complete trust in God and his plans for your life is imperative. I find those who become complacent in where they are in life really don’t trust God for greater. They become comfortable with the familiar and aren’t willing to take risk. To be honest, life is about risk, however if we are totally dependent upon God and within in his will there will never be a loss, you will always win even when it APPEARS you aren’t. Believe me when I say God’s sons and daughters will always WIN in the end!


There are dangers to ignoring the signs of being in a place but knowing you are out of place. You know you no longer fit. You’ve outgrown where you are currently. It’s like being in a box. One point in your life the box you were in fit perfectly because that was the place you were suppose to be at that point in your life. However, as time passed and you developed you started to outgrow the box. What use to feel comfortable and right no longer does. You use to breathe so easily but now it’s as if you’re suffocating. Well it’s not as if you are suffocating, the fact is you are. That size box that you once fit in so comfortably is too small for the visions and gifts God has placed on the inside of you and is prepared to pull out. It’s too small for the elevation, promotions and doors he wants to open so you can walk through.


What happens when you continue to reside in a place knowing you’re feeling out of place can be detrimental to you and your continued growth. As I mentioned earlier, it isn’t as if you’re suffocating because technically you are. You see you will continue to develop and grow, but that box that you were placed in years ago is at its capacity. The box can’t grow, it will remain the same size and if you continue to stay where there is no more room for you, you will eventually die. You may not die figuratively, but there is like a slow spiritual death, the excitement and enthusiasm leaves. You become a robot and do things out of habit, but the passion and zeal is no longer there because you know there is greater ahead of you and you’re screaming GET ME OUT OF HERE! This is when trusting God blind comes into play. He can get you out of the box but you have to be willing to step out. Remember, we walk by faith and not by sight. You have to get deliverance from people and most importantly from yourself. We at times are our worst enemies. We beat ourselves up and just what you speak over yourself is exactly what you will continue to get. Go read my blog on Watch Your Words!


You have to trust God to guide you with blindfolds. Meaning you can’t see where God is taking you but you just know he is stretching you and that he is elevating you. You feel it in the spirit, he allows you to see that over a period of time all he’s been doing was connecting the dots of your life. You didn’t understand some things then but now because of him stretching you it all starts to make sense. He was just preparing you for your greater. He’s been building your character and spiritual muscles. Don’t allow familiarity and others complacency keep you in a place where you’ve outgrown. Trust God completely because life is really to short to be in a place but out of place.


Be Blessed!


Rita Taylor


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