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Awaken the Lion on the Inside of You

Posted on May 21, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Oftentimes we fail to realize the gifts that God has placed on the inside of us. We were all uniquely designed by God to be used for the purpose in which he specifically designed from before birth. Isn't that something? Just to know that God had plans for you even before you were conceived! Yes, he did and he still does this very hour. However, the enemy works hard to distract and detour you from what God planned because he knows if you could just break free and walk in your God given purpose you would be a powerful gift working in the kingdom of God. 

The bible tells us that the devil is walking about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. One of the characteristics of a lion is that they're hunters and they're also fierce and don't have a problem fighting for what they want. Well the devil is walking about the earth as a hunter and showing no signs of fear or weakness. He is on a serious mission in causing as many people to abort their God given purpose. Yes, I understand that some of the choices and the decisions we make aren't always the devils fault. It's all us, but please don't be fooled in thinking that he isn't busy and working overtime to keep you in bondage, confused, living a wreckless and unproductive life. He is a master at distracting and loves for you to waste valuable time.

Just as the lion shows no sign of weakness and have no problem in rising up, I say to you today it's time for us to rise up with boldness and determination to fight the good fight of faith.  Wake up the lion on the inside of you and fiercely go after what you desire and what God has already given you, but have been waiting for you to arrive. It's time out for making excuses and blaming others for your lack of enthusiasm and your bad choices. I believe the gifts are there but the lack of passion and willingness to fight has become a huge problem. Arise, wake up!! It isn't over. If you still have breath then God still has a plan with your name on it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, having pity parties and inviting others to them. Stop being angry at everyone except the right one, and that is satan and at times the person you're looking at everyday in the mirror, YOU!! The bible say's "Resist the devil and HE will flee". Some of us aren't resisting. He has trampled on you, worn you down, and nearly killed you long enough. It's time to fight in prayer and making a true transformative change in your life if you haven't by now through Jesus Christ.

 Some changes you can make and then there are other changes that will take the power of God to do, but you have to yield to him and allow him. He's willing and he loves you so much!!

The devil is working overtime and I am determined to fight like a lion every plot, scheme and tactic that he throws at me. God never said the weapons wouldn't form, but here's the assurance, he said they wouldn't prosper. So why quit if the battle has already been won for me?! Why are you lying dormant and allowing your gifts to die with you?! Not anymore! My future and your future is bright but my brothers and sisters, it's time to awaken the lion on the inside and fight! Gifts awaken, passion be renewed, and life be transformed by the power of our living God!! Lion Arise!

Be Blessed!

Rita Taylor

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