RTaylor Productions

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Who We Are

Our Mission

Enhancing Ministry through theatrical words by empowering people to live a purposeful life. We're providing growth through coaching, jobs and daily inspiration. We work to cultivate gifts that are dormant and strive to build lives through the ministry of arts.

What we Do

RTaylor Productions is a Faith based Production Company based out of Houston, Texas with two major productions "A Woman's Worth A Man's Value" and "Hidden Secrets Public Shame".  RTaylor Productions has been blessed to consistently provide stage plays not only in Houston but in other cities within the state of Texas. The company is currently branching out to conduct beginner acting classes as well as coaching and  script consultations. In the fall of 2017 RTaylor Productions wrote and directed it's first biopic entitled The Andrew Berry Story "From Tragedy to Truimph"  to a completely packed house.

 We look forward to producing more shows and expanding beyond the state of Texas as it is our desire to inspire, encourage and serve others through the ministry of art.